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About us

Meet our Founder

Josette (Jo) Wehbe, our founder, is a certified & passionate pilates specialist with years of experience in transforming the livelihood of many locals through targeted exercise routines.

Beginning with a day gig at local gyms instructing mat pilates classes, Jo soon fell in love with reformer pilates and the countless benefits it is able to provide for many. Post COVID-19 Jo was motivated to establish a home-based pilates gym offering specialised one on one classes for a more intimate approach.

All routines & classes have a primary focus on assisting individuals with achieving their personal wellbeing & health goals - Jo is the helping hand you need to crush your targets.

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Why choose Pilates?

Pilates is a low impact, high intensity activity suitable for individuals of all genders, ages and fitness levels. Pilates will allow you to develop a sound understanding of form, posture & movement while also boosting your heart rate.

Our specialised one on one sessions are completely tailored to you. Jo offers the most suitable modifications & variations that compliment the pace you prefer & your physical ability.

Pilates not only offers a fun & creative form of exercise, but also improves your mobility, movement & stamina.

Why Choose Pilates

What our Clients are Saying

"Josette is such a motivational trainer who encourages me to reach new limits. Every week is a different set of workouts so it never gets boring! So happy I found the Pilates Playground!"

- Talia Weston

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