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Pilates Studio

Reformer Pilates

What are reformer classes?

Reformer pilates is an incredibly effective & popular form of pilates exercise. In reformer classes, we utilise specialised reformer machines that allow for increased muscle isolation.

Our reformer machines are useful for intimate one on one sessions that allow for specialised muscle targeting, exercise variation & recovery support.


At the Pilates Playground, we home in on the individual, focusing on what exercises will get you closer to your goals - reformer pilates allows us to achieve this efficiently. Reformer classes are also suitable for individuals seeking low impact recovery and injury rehabilitation.

How does it work?

Our pilates specialist will assess your goals as well as your physical ability before assigning you with a tailored program.

You will engage in exercise with our reformer machines at controlled, low impact intervals. Your program will be amended depending on your personal development in order to accomodate your progression.


All Genders

Regardless of your gender, Pilates is for you!



Pilates is perfect for pre or post natal.



Beginner & advanced classes available.


All Class Sizes

We offer one on one, two on one & group sessions.

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