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Online Yoga

Online Sessions

What are Online Classes?

Training, but online - at your convenience, when you want! It's as simple as that.

At the Pilates Playground we offer online classes for time-limited individuals at the comfort of your own home or gym. Using third party video connecting programs like Zoom, we can tailor online classes to give you a full exercise experience.

We offer online classes for all our services (depending on your access to equipment).

How does it work?

Our personal trainer will assess your goals as well as your physical ability before assigning you with a tailored online program. Your instructor will guide you every step of the way via video call.

You will engage in various assigned exercises that are tailored to building strength and endurance. Your program will be amended depending on your personal development in order to accomodate your progression.







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Pilates Work Out

Interested in getting started?

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